HDPE Pipes

HDPE pipes are flexible plastic pipes used for the transport of liquids and gases and are often used to replace aging concrete or steel main pipes. Manufactured from thermoplastic HDPE, it is suitable for high pressure piping due to its high impermeability and strong molecular bonding.

The standard length of HDPE tubing is 50 feet, in sizes greater than 2 inches in diameter, longer lengths available upon request. Spiral hoses are available in diameters up to 3 inches and in 250 and 500 foot lengths. Larger tubing sizes and spool lengths are available by special order. HDPE
pipe is used worldwide for applications such as water pipelines, gas pipelines, sewage pipelines, sludge transport pipelines, rural irrigation, fire system umbilicals, electrical and communications pipelines, and drainage pipes and stormwater.

HDPE pipes are known for their high tensile strength, flexibility, durability and lightweight. These pipes have been used for municipal and industrial water applications for several years. The fact that HDPE pipes are environment friendly makes it even more favourable.

The turnups should be solid and smooth, the bottom part is a little bit wider. There should be no impurities, small holes, deformation and damages at the downside of turnups. Good quality pipes: the turnups are smooth and neat, and it will be a little bit longer after pressure from butt fusion welding seams.

HDPE can be used for hot water as a liner in multilayer pipe, where the strength is provided by another pipe layer, such as aluminum, but multilayer pipes don't offer all of the performance advantages of plastic alone.

Smart Cut provides HDPE pipes available in various pressure ratings and lengths for different applications. 
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