Wet Brick Saw

A wet saw makes a clean cut all the way through a paver. Saws that are capable of cutting pavers are simply large versions of the wet saws you can rent for cutting ceramic tile. Water sprays onto the blade during the cut to minimize heat and dust.Bricks, pavers, stone, etc. can be cut wet or dry using most masonry or brick saws, but wet cutting is by far the preferred method. It is safer, faster, requires less special equipment, and is much easier on the diamond blade doing the cutting. Though a wet saw—the traditional tool for cutting tile—may look intimidating, it's surprisingly simple to use. A wet saw has a pump that sprays water onto the tile as you're cutting. This keeps the tile cool and prevents cracks. The blade does not have teeth, which allows it to be used for delicate materials.


  • Concrete Wet Saw Can Make More Accurate Cutting.
  • Wet Saws help to Improve Work Efficiency.
  • Wet Saw Blades Reduce Dust.
  • With Wet Saw Reduce Noise During Concrete Cutting.
  • Wet Concrete Saws Reduce Vibration During Cutting.
  • Using Wet Saw Blades Help to Reduce the Final Finishing Work.
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